Priority Risk Ltd is a proactive bespoke provider of Health and Safety services for a wide variety of industries both public and private sector. The company was founded 2003 by its Managing Director Mr William Flint with the vision of addressing the often perceived failings of consultants in that they tend to tell you what you already know and insist that you do something about it, leaving the client on occasion wondering what they have paid for.

Priority Risk provides a more integrated service to its clients, we will not patronise our clients and then try to sell them an off the shelf solution which then pushes the onus on the Client to implement the required changes. We will give instead an honest assessment of the Client’s strengths and weaknesses and a realistic program of improvement to help enhance the strengths and address the weaknesses identified, this program will have elements that the Client must do simply because no entity can take away a Client organisations duty to provide a healthily and safe working environment but will also detail what we are going to do. For example we will often carryout all of the risk assessments required within a company, set up a gant chart to ensure that all risk assessments are reviewed annually in a timely manner and then set up and run training events for the employees within the business to be instructed on the hazards identified and the control measures needed. This leaves the Client Manger with time to strategically manage Health and Safety within their organisation, directing us where needed to provide a service exceeding expectations.