Live Fire Extinguisher Training

2hr training for groups of up to 10 people: £300.00    Book now

Our new training system allows us to create a work area fire scenario where participants can get hands-on experience on what it would be like dealing with a fire in their own work space, rather than standing outside in the cold spraying water into a waste paper bin!


With the addition of ‘misty goggles’ the participants will get a simulation of the type of environment tackling a fire will present to them. From this the participant can really understand and put into practice the fundamental firefighting rules that are taught within the training. This will result in the participant being able to extinguish a fire without putting themselves in undue risk.


This unique training system teaches the key firefighting techniques which will enhance fire wardens competency levels without the combustion and mess that goes with extinguishing a real fire. 


Feedback received from training:

"Course was excellent! Best ever fire course I’ve attended.”                 “Excellent, informative and enjoyable.”                      “Well paced, informative and interactive session was very valuable.”                        “This is one of the best modules I have ever done! Excellent balance of theoretical and practical work.”                    “The training was wonderful and enjoyable.”                       “The training provided was excellent!