Recent Resume

Priority Risk have a wide experience in the food sector with a number of our consultants being qualified in food safety to a professional level as well as the required Health and Safety qualification. The challenges in the food sector are diverse driven by the very fast paced nature of this business type, tight profit margins and normally multiple languages all spoken within the business. Our approach is to firstly open lines of communication within the business so that all levels within the business are communicating clearly with each other which allows a culture to be developed within the business, with skill and persistence this culture can be nurtured to provide a positive Health and Safety culture to the business and indeed actually have a beneficial effect on the bottom-line. At all times the systems that we propose will work in harmony with the food safety systems within the business addressing the needs of your clients as well as keeping your people safe.

We have worked with ‘Shorts Group’ for a number of years, having first met them whilst working in the role of CDMC at a large development on St Georges Hill. Since that time we have worked consistently with them. We have recently carried out skip driver training for all of their drivers as well as carrying out a group wide audit which covered, demolition, waste transfer, composting and plant hire. Further developments to allow us to offer a better service to Shorts have included having some of our Consultants trained as unlicensed asbestos operatives who have been face fitted to allow us to fully inspect all sites even those where unlicensed asbestos removal is on-going.

Projects with Sutton Council have been varied and enjoyable ranging from moving a river as pictured to the left through to building school extensions and specialist centres for the disabled.

To date we have worked with Merton Council, Sutton Council, Slough Borough Council and Bexley Council. Whilst working for these councils we have provided CDMC services and training. Notable projects include Pollards Hill Library Refurbishment (as photographed with Boris Johnson) and Kimpton Park open space Project, during which we moved the river and provided a new footpath system, play areas and green planting whilst considering secured by design and anti‐ vandalism principles.

Priority Risk has worked and continues to work in the luxury housing market. One of the developments on which we were CDM Coordinator won no less than three Daily Mail Property Awards so it is safe to say we can combine style with safety seamlessly. Other projects include our role as CDM Coordinator for a large development of luxury apartments which sits on the bank of the river Thames in Eton. The whole site is over looked by Windsor Castle. The main challenges on this site have been environmental and building within such a prestigious area with closely regulated planning and permissions systems.

For the past four years we have been working with High Chelmer Shopping Centre as CDMC works for various works which they have carried out at their shopping centre in Chelmsford. We have worked with the professional team and the management of the centre to carry out works including a complete re‐tile of the mall and the redevelopment of four units within the centre, both of these projects requiring significant demolition. Key problems included protecting the public from the works, especially school aged children who were more than a little excited about some of the works.
Photograph by JL Media

We provide CDM Coordination services to ‘Swarovski UK’ working throughout the British Isles and Ireland with an international team. These projects invariably operate on very tight time frames, in congested areas with difficult delivery requirements and the use of some very contemporary materials and construction techniques.

Skiplex Dukes Meadow is the first of its kind in the UK. The ski trainer and simulator system is a Dutch invention seen on the left during its opening party where the ramp was opened by the UK’s top Alpine Skier Chemmy Alcott. Our role in the project was firstly as CDM Coordinator and then as safety advisor, helping Skiplex to upgrade the Dutch safety systems to a UK specification and to help and assist the ski instructors develop policy and procedure to help run and manage those taking part in the activity. What we have done at Skiplex is really an example of what we stand for, finding a way to do something rather than highlighting reasons not to. Further Skiplexs have already opened and we continue our links with the company.

We are involved in the reroofing works of the UCL on behalf of the Principal Contractor carrying out the works. The project involves reroofing to heritage standards all of the roofs pictured, all the way to the top some 264m above the pavement. Challenges are based not only around the safety of the men working at these extreme heights but also of those using the University. With older students comes a different mix of issues all of which we are familiar with and well equipped to deal.

A large portion of our work is based in education with work profile ranging from small redecoration works to extensive refurbishment and new build works. Mostyn School features here because it is the most recent of our large refurb and new build school projects. The whole school was refurbished internally and externally while in occupation. To add to the complexity a new wing of classrooms and a swimming pool were also built at the same time. Challenges were around phasing of the works, fire evacuation and segregation of the children from the works, all parties had to work as one and as the pressure came on the contract we had to excel as CDM Coordinators to ensure project Safety