Fall Arrest Failure

Fall Arrest System Failure
Very Limited Penetration of the parapet wall.

Priority Risk were called to a Georgian house in London which had been converted into flats to examine the gas flue arrangements which were all located in the light well of the building, please see Gas Flue Issues also located in this section of the Website. While we were there the Building Manager asked us to take a look at his newly installed fall prevention system because he didn't trust it. The video above was taken by us while onsite, in our view vindicating the Building Manager's concerns. We did not believe the fall prevention system was installed robustly enough to prevent a fall.

Gas Flue Issue

Lightwell with Gas Flues
Lightwell with Gas Flues at all levels

Priority Risk were called to a Large Georgian Apartment Block to examine whether or not the gas flues were in our opinion safe. The apartment block had stood for a long time and as such new did not have gas fitted as a means of heating originally. Over the years residents of the apartments have added their own central heating systems to the point where all apartments now vent their gas flues into the two light wells of the building at every level. The concern we had was that carbon monoxide would build up in the light well and potentially leak into the apartments or the ground floor areas.

Industrial Badminton

Unsafe Sporting Facilities

The picture noted in this article was taken when onsite at a light industrial manufacturing area. The court had been marked with the line spraying equipment that the company kept for marking their car park, the net was manufactured as part of one of the processes and the court was in regular use every lunch time. Management were unaware until we found it tucked away in a little used area of the plant. Don't get me wrong, corporate sports facilities are a fantastic idea and are great for morale and the general health of the work force.